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The primary aim of the SeniorNet organisation is to demystify the new technology by conducting courses on computer applications. This provides older members of the community with the knowledge and skills. This enables them to broaden their interests, and prove to their grandchildren that they CAN do it too! A secondary aim is to provide a forum in which members can associate in an informal and friendly atmosphere to discuss their achievements and, or their problems and frustrations.

Wairarapa SeniorNet

Wairarapa SeniorNet Inc. was set up in February, 1996 and has obviously filled a great need for people wanting to know more about the greatest development of modern times. The membership is about 250. About 600 people have been members over that time.

Many Wairarapa seniors are thus familiar with what computers and the Internet offers them by way of e.g. news, entertainment, information on virtually every subject; from almost any country and communication instantly with family, friends or other contacts around the world for minimal cost.
One doesn't need the latest in super computers to be able to access the Internet. There are millions of older computers all around the world whose owners are happily accessing the Internet. Wairarapa SeniorNet Inc. provides courses for people who may be a bit apprehensive about computers. SeniorNet courses are available for a wide range of computer and internet skills. There are regular Question and Answer sessions where members can discuss computer issues.

Bridging the generation gap: technology is a new language that it is enabling grandparents to get closer to their families. Grandparents are using email, mobile texting, photo attachments and webcams to stay more in touch with younger family members.

Grandparents are using email, mobile texting, photo attachments and webcams to stay more in touch with younger family members.

Rekindling old passions with new enthusiasm: making use of the Internet to pursue long-held passions is the motivation for many SeniorNet members. Examples include sourcing online auction sites for favourite collectibles or tracking down overseas patterns and materials for traditional crafts.

Reuniting with lost family and friends: SeniorNetís genealogy courses are particularly popular, and stories of people who track down distant or lost relatives, or old or wartime acquaintances, are common.

Learning new skills as working life increasingly now extends beyond 60/65, older New Zealanders are learning computer, Internet and mobile skills so they can continue to participate in paid employment or business >

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